Industrial Bolting Technology


At AnMa-TECH we are always busy finding the most safe, accurate and fastest solution for your industrial bolting applications. We will provide this with a targeted approach from our specialists that have a hands-on mentality.


Beside our practical knowledge, AnMa-TECH has knowledge about the latest guidelines which results in giving advice for every industrial bolting application. From helping to choose the right preload method to verification of the inserted bolt tension.

24/7 service

We at AnMa-TECH know like no other how important 24/7 service is. That's why we provide 24/7 bolting specialists to support you. We have a large rental stock and in addition bolting technicians available 24/7.


AnMa-TECH offers equipment for intensive industrial use. The brands we offer are selected carefully so you are always assured of safe and reliable equipment. beside selling and renting of equipment, we also provide maintenance, calibration and verification on bolting equipment.


At AnMa-TECH we provides different services:

  • Advising in bolted connections
  • Purchasing bolting equipment
  • Renting bolting equipment
  • Maintenance, calibration and verification of bolting equipment
  • Engineering of bolted connections and tightening method
Renting bolting equipment

AnMa-TECH has a large rental fleet of bolting equipment. Need a tool in a rush? We can deliver it one phone call away, 24/7 365 days a year!

Want to rent 1 day of a couple of months? We provide a renting solution for you.

Measuring bolt tension

AnMa-TECH is able to measure bolt tension on-site. This allows us to check the theory in the practice. As example: is the assumed friction coefficient correct?

Because of the measurement it is possible to adjust the tightening methode if necessary. 


Properly maintenance on bolting tools makes the tools more reliable. With calibration/verification are you sure that the tools delivers the correct output. 

24/7 365 days/year service

If you, at any time, need help on a bolting application: please reach us out with a phonecall, e-mail or WhatsApp.

Our general phone number is:

+31 (0)485-801476

You can also reach us by WhatsApp. If it takes too long to get an answer, please don't hesitate to call our general number.

You can also always mail to: